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Board & Train


Our Board & Train service is our most popular program, offers a combination of benefits including; obedience training, socialization and boarding. Providing one on one and group training to help your dog understand the expected response to commands. We will setup a consolation prior to the boarding date to help us develop the dogualized plan to get the most out of their stay. There will be an exit training course for you to provide the necessary details of how to continue the training within your own home.

Pre-Eval Process

Before we can begin the Board & Train process, we must evaluate the dog and determine the appropriate approach in training your dog. We will evaluate your dogs behavior and sensitive, then discussing our approach to training. We will find a balanced approach that works for you and your dog. 

Evaluation Fee


Board & Train Pricing

$2,500 for the 16 day program, all tools included

Board & Train Program

  • Details coming soon

*Intact female dogs that come into season during their stay here will be charged a $50 per day surcharge.

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