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Policies & Procedures

Here’s some info to help your stay run smoothly and maximize your pet’s fun!

IMPORTANT:  We love to welcome your best friends!  But please keep in mind that we’re servicing many families at once, scheduling boarding, training, consultations and more.  Therefore, it’s VITAL to our business that all clients are respectful of drop off/pick up windows. If you’re unable to make the drop off/pick up time you’ve committed to, please text/call immediately or you’ll need to reschedule to the next available window.  We love you all, but cannot make exceptions that derail other clients’ appointments or the business schedule.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding!!
FOOD:  Plan ahead and Plan for EXTRA! 
Help us keep your buddy’s tummy full by providing ample food while you’re away. 
Please pack:
·        2 pre-portioned baggies of food per day labeled with his/her name
·        1 extra day worth (2 baggies) just in case

PLEASE NOTE: If more food is needed for your pet, additional food and shopping costs will apply and will be added to your final payment.  We can always send home any extra meals. 
MEDICATION: For your pet's safety!
If your pet requires medication, it must be portioned out into a pill box and labeled with their name and dosage/timing instructions. This ensures all medication is distributed to every family friend who needs it efficiently and safely. 

PLEASE NOTE: If your pet does not take the medication/pill by itself, you must provide us with the method used to administer it.  (pill pockets, cheese, peanut butter, etc.) 
DROP OFF & PICK UP:  Help us help you!
At Monarch Premier Dog Training, we pride ourselves on allowing clients to choose their own drop off and pick up times.  Help us continue to allow such a wide window of availability (9AM-8PM) by immediately notifying us of any delays.  We are always excited for your arrival, so please call or text before you’re late (NOT after). 

When you commit to a drop off/pick up time, we plan for it.  Our time is very valuable to many pets and families so PLEASE communicate if you will be more than 10 minutes early or late. We value your time and appreciate your respect for ours.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our facility can be easily located on your navigation system by typing in "Monarch Premier Dog Training" for a smooth trip!  PLEASE be sure to look for the butterfly decorations near the mailbox and correct address to avoid accidentally pulling into our neighbors' private property! 

REMINDER: Our own personal pets live here and there's significant canine and human presence on our property, PLEASE drive slowly and cautiously for everyone's safety.
PAYMENT:  Full payment is due AT or BEFORE pickup please!
Communication about cost of your visit will be discussed prior to your pet’s stay!  If cost is incurred for additional services (urgent vet visits, buying more food, optional grooming, etc.), you’ll be notified before pickup so you can plan ahead.

REMINDER:  While this facility is located at our family home, Monarch Premier Dog Training is a bona fide business. 

Please respect all policies and procedures by making your payment AT or BEFORE your scheduled pick up.  Your balance is due in full at that time, NO EXCEPTIONS.


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